Key Features

Notifications to Users

Notify Key Personnel

Key on-site personnel are notified of an emergency immediately when a Panic Call is made to 9-1-1. Throughout the process, these users will continue to be notified with situational updates in real time, so that they can take appropriate action.

Emergency Call Capabilities

When you make an emergency call from the Rave Panic Button app, key on-site personnel are notified of the emergency, you are immediately connected to 9-1-1, and 9-1-1 receives both the emergency type and critical emergency information about the campus.

Critical Data to 9-1-1

Critical Data to 9-1-1

9-1-1 immediately receives critical data about the campus a Panic Call is placed from – key situational items like caller location, building floor plans, campus contact and access info – and is given the ability to rapidly message campus employees and first responders.

What is the Rave Panic Button App?

How It Works

Using Staff Assist

Staff Assist sends internal notifications through the Rave Panic Button without dialing 9-1-1, allowing you get help from onsite resources for situations that don’t require an external emergency response. Pressing the Staff Assist button on [...]

Setting up your Staff Assist PIN

If you are an “Admin” Campus Contact, you can send Custom Staff Assist messages. Custom messages allow Admins to communicate a unique need, follow up on earlier Staff Assist messages, or even contribute to information [...]

Setting Up Rave Panic Button

The video below shows you how to download and set up the Rave Panic Button app.

Panic Button Notifications & Inbox

One of the primary features of Rave Panic Button is the rapid delivery of emergency notifications so that staff can be made immediately aware of an incident on campus. These emergency notifications are generated automatically [...]

Using the App in an Emergency

Summoning emergency assistance and providing immediate notification to your colleagues of an incident is simple. From the app home screen, press and hold for 1 and a half seconds the emergency button that corresponds to the [...]

Testing the Panic Button App

Access the App menu through either the icon, on the top left side of the screen or swipe right from the left side of your screen. There is a function called either “My Location” or “Test.” [...]

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly happens when I press one of the emergency buttons inside of the Rave Panic Button app? When any one of the emergency buttons is pressed, your phone will dial 9-1-1. At the same [...]